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Excellent! I had very limited knowledge of the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies, after taking this 1 on 1 call I feel that I have gained valuable knowledge that would have taken me forever to figure out on my own. The guy is also very thorough with explanations and examples. Also if you have questions, he is fairly quick to respond. Definitely recommend his service.

Nand Kishor

“Easily the best introduction to Blockchain technology and Bitcoins. The lector explains in such a way that he is going to inspire a lot of people to have new career goals.”

Mark Wever

“First I bought their ebook and now I am extremely happy that I took the online call. The cryptocurrency concepts were very well explained to me. The instructor’s pace, his knowledge and his way of explaining things made our conversation even more interesting. Now I am able to trade successfully on the cryptocurrency market. I would highly recommend their services.

A big thanks to the whole team of Crypsimple.”

John Cheema

“Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.” —Leon Luow, Nobel Peace Prize nominee

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Deutsche Bank: ‘Aggressive’ Central Banks Making Bitcoin More Attractive

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Spread the love Deutsche Bank lead strategist predicted that interest rate cut by the Fed will make cryptos more attractive as opposed to fiat. The potential interest rate cut by the United States central bank is apparently one of the reasons for the recent surge of bitcoin (BTC), Deutsche Bank exec Jim Reid said in […]

Cortex Launches Deep Learning and AI Network for Decentralized Apps

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Spread the love Cortex claims that this is the first time that artificial intelligence has been introduced to a crypto network at scale. Cortex has launched a network for decentralized apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI,) according to a news release published on June 26. The company claims this is the first time that AI has been […]

Kraken Raised $13 Million for Online Investment Platform: Just the Start

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Spread the love Crypto prices are increasing rapidly and so is investor interest. Kraken raised over $13 million in the crypto exchange’s latest fundraising round. The funds Kraken raised will go towards the financing of the online investment platform BnkToTheFuture. The $13.5 million were raised from a total of 2264 investors. The money Kraken raised […]

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Take Your FREE Guide Now And Learn How To Spot The Best Cryptocurrencies